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12 Watt PWS-2'-T8-12W-TUBE

1,440 Lumen Output

25 Watt PWS-4'-T8-25W-TUBE

3,000 Lumen Output

19 Watt PWS-4'-T8-18 Watt

2,160 Lumen Output

LED Fluorescent Tube Retro-Fit

10 Watt PWS-2'-T8-10W-Tube

1,100 Lumen Output

19 Watt PWS-4'-T8-18W-R-TUBE

2,160 Lumen Output

38 Watt PWS-8'-T8-38W-Tube

4,000 Lumen Output

45 Watt PWS-8'-T8-45W-Tube

5,400 Lumen Output

38 Watt PWS-8'-R17D-38W-Tube

4,000 Lumen Output






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19 Watt PWS-4'-T8-18W-R-TUBE

2,160 Lumen Output

22 Watt PWS-4'-G5-22W-T5-TUBE  2,530 Lumen Output

T5 Conversion!